Carbine CDL7100-HD Heavy Duty Digital

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The CDL7-HD series is over 4 x mechanically longer lasting than the standard CDL7 series. With a new easy to use heavy duty code change system on the rear of the pad, higher quality harder wearing internal code components, and new heavy duty cryptographic elements made out of stainless steel instead of zinc, the CDL7-HD series is designed to maximise product life and code pad performance.

The CDL7 HD series is available in various models to suit lockset, dual knob, and mortice lock applications.

  • Weather resistant
  • Salt spray tested to 240 hours
  • Higher quality, harder wearing internal code components
  • New heavy duty cryptographic elements made out of stainless seteel instead of zinc
  • Improved product life & code pad performance
  • For use in high volume commercial areas
  • Cycle tested and exceeds 100,000 openings
  • Ideal for storerooms and similar area
  • External turn knob
  • Internal lever BCA compliant
  • Clutching external large turn or BCA compliant lever
  • 2 hour fire rating for CDL7100-HD model with use of the supplied latchset
  • Backset is 60mm standard, 70mm and 127mm backsets available as an option
  • Handles are reversible to allow fitting to left or right handed opening doors
  • Easy to change user codes via removal of the back cover
  • Easy grip outer knob that is larger than many other similar digital products
  • Larger body footprint allows retrofit to cover lockset holes
  • Suits new and retrofit applications with everything provided in the package. Retrofits for various models including Carbine NK2000 & Lockwood 530 digital
  • Includes all components and instructions for fitting and combination changing
  • Available in the finish of satin chrome
  • Suits door thicknesses 32mm to 54mm
  • Display blocks & display packaged models available

What size hole will the CDL7100-HD cover ?

The CDL7100-HD will only just cover a 54mm, there are trim plates available to cover larger holes or paint if required

What size is the CDL7100-HD digital keypad ?

180mm x 48mm

How large is the CDL71-TR1 trim plate ?

CDL71-TR1 Trim Plate dimensions are 200 long x 68 wide x 1.5 thick. It is sold in singles.

Does the CDL7100-HD have an IP rating ?

No the CDL7100-HD does not have an IP ratinG.


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