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Handles and Cabinet Handles

Interior doors that do not require locking - eg Laundry, living room

A back-to-back handle set without a latch. Can also be used on inactive French Doors.

This is a fixed lever that is used with a door catch or door magnets.

Typically used on wardrobes or closet doors. You just need to choose if the handle is on the left (Left Hand) of the door or on the right (Right Hand).

Generally used for external doors or high-security situations. They require a key to unlock externally, and an option of a key or turn snib internally. Typically applications are entrance doors, back doors, garage side doors and sheds. You can have the same handle on your front door or any door that requires secure locking. The set includes the lever handle set, main mortice lock, cylinder for locking and the escutcheon plates; The complete set, which is what the numbers represent. You just need to decide if you want a key to unlock from the outside and turn snib on the inside (Key/Turn) or keyed both sides (Key/Key). The measurements 60mm or 70mm is in reference to cylinder size. 70mm is usually the choice for most entrance doors as they can be thicker.

Measure across the circular hole at it's widest point to get the diameter.
If the Bore Hole is greater than 50mm you will require a Large Rose to secure them to the door.

See Diagram Here

- Rebated double or French doors have a lip on the edge where the doors meet.
- There is an Active or Primary door, which can open and close without affecting the other inactive secondary door.
- Rebates create a seamless look
- The Lip System between the doors which helps reduce drafts.
- Doors interlock to avoid swinging open
- Special shape lock and face plate is required to fit this type of door.

Handles come in all kinds of styles, materials and finishes and can help establish the style and mood of a space. But with such an impressive assortment, how do you know which handles to choose to suit your cabinets? Particularly if you want something a little different from a standard silver knob? And will something more decorative stand the test of time? We take a closer look at how you can go about the handle selection process.

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If you are looking for a new Door Handle you need to start with its function. The Door Handle will be used on an interior or exterior door. It will need a lock or just a privacy latch or none at all. The below is our quick guide to buying door handles from Zanda

Read our Guide Here: How to Order Zanda Door Handles

A rose is a round or square backplate that fixes to the door. They mainly come in 55mm wide sizes but the triad range has a 65mm backplate to retrofit over existing holes. With the Futura range, you can purchase larger adapter plates if required to cover a large hole.

A long plate is precisely that. The longplate version of a handle. This also comes in passage, dummy and entrance. The privacy, however, has a privacy turn and comes with a privacy mortice lock.

Locks, Privacy Hardware & Deadbolts

A privacy lock function that is seperate to the handle.

Roller Locks are best suited to a pull handle.

Where all locks within a set have the same key code - one key can open multile locks

Each lock comes with its own unique key.

- Most secure method of locking
- A lock bolt that can only be opened or closed by rotating the key cylinder with a key.
- Bolt can only be engaged when the door is shut
- Bolt cannot be forced backwards into the door. This prevents unwanted entry
- Deadbolts can be manual or electronic

- The most important part of your door handles.
- 'Latching' is the act of a door being closed and remaining held shut.
- the 'tongue' of triangular shaped metal that retracts into the door to release and extends into the door frame to hold shut.

- Suitable for internal privacy doors, e.g. bathrooms
- has a button or snib to lock door from the inside with door closed
- door unlocks automatically from inside if handle is turned.
- release on the outside in case of emergency
- for use with privacy handles on long plate or with a passage handle and separate privacy turn

Used for internal doors that require locking. They have a snib on the handle or a separate privacy kit below the handle (Astron Range) with an emergency release on the other side. Typical situations are bathrooms, powder rooms, bedrooms and the office.

A passage set or an entrance set would typically be chosen.


You need to measure the existing hole. If it's a 54mm hole then you will need adapter plates, or to choose a handle with a large rose. If it's a hole smaller then you can choose what you like.

Sliding doors require flush pulls, cavity sliding pulls and possibly privacy turns for toilets.

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